Welcome to my website. Here you can check out my discography, access free DJ mixes and download exclusive tracks only available on my website when you register your email.

Recent projects have involved the following labels and producers :

Strictly Rhythm
Hed Kandi
Red Stick Recordings
Open Bar Music
Soul Heat Records
Duffnote Records
Oscar P
Richard Earnshaw
Chriss Ortega
Steve Forest
Jan Van Lier
Steve Haines
Steve O.
Davidson Ospina

 My debut solo album entitled "My Life" is out now on Openbar Music. I have collaborated with Oscar P, Mustapha, Damon Goss , Scott Watson , Vincent Vega,
Steve Haines , and Davidson Ospina. All tracks can be listened too on my discography page.


For all enquiries, contact me via :

Email : marcus@marcusjpearson.com
Skype :

There is free music available to download from the player on the discography page as soon as you register your email.

Photography : Tim Ruddock